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Powers of Attorney

Health and Welfare 

So if you need as an example nursing home care someone you love and trust can be part of the decision making on the type of home and the daily routines and the care.

If you do nothing the NHS trust you're under and social services make all the decisions.

Finance and Property LPA 


Enables someone you trust to manage your finances for you.  They can only run your day to day finances as you would normally do.  They can't change your will or dispose of your assets (unless selling your house was something you would be doing anyway)  They can pay your bills and look after your needs.

You can have the same attorneys for both LPA's or different and up to 4.  The more you have the more difficult the decision making if they have to act together as one.  They are UK LPA's and only valid in the UK, so a health and welfare LPA is not valid outside the UK if you live abroad and the Finance LPA would only be for your finances in the UK.

You can also have a different LPA for finance for who is going to run your business for you. Businesses have been forced to close because a director or key person has no LPA in place and there's no-one to run the company.

They can be used with your permission once registered so you don't have to have lost capacity.  A case in question was Mrs B who was stuck in Australia at the beginning of Covid 19 lockdown. Until she could get back to the UK her attorney ran her household finances back in the UK for her using the registered LPA.

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