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Why DIY Wills can be money down the drain

Many people during lockdown made the decision to put their affairs in order, which often included making a Will, sometimes choosing to do this themselves rather than using a professional. It may seem quick and convenient to make a DIY Will, but is it ever really a good idea?

In the DIY Wills market, you won’t receive any advice on how best to make your Will to reflect your personal circumstances and there is an alarmingly low level of safety measures in place when drafting your own Will. The process is wide open to abuse and statistics tell us that they are all too frequently and successfully challenged.

Many people believe that their personal circumstances are straightforward and so they don’t need the advice of a professional Will writer. However, there are many factors that may need to be taken into consideration when drafting a Will, such as stepchildren, estranged relatives, high value assets and vulnerable beneficiaries to name but a few, and with so many blended families these days there can often be more complex requirements for distribution of assets.

So, why do people still opt for this route?

When a cheap or free option is on offer, it is not surprising there is some consumer demand for it.

However, they completely lack the expertise and experience that the legal profession offers to clients and the protection provided. The art of Will writing lies not in producing a legally valid document but in KNOWING the client.

When someone chooses to make a DIY Will, there is no comeback if they get it wrong. Making a DIY Will because it appears to be simpler and cheaper could end up costing your beneficiaries dearly.

If you have written your own Will, or just want to ensure that any existing Will you may have will actually do what you want it to do, then contact us now to access our free professional Will review service.

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