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Unconventional Trust Clauses

According to some law firms, there has been an increase in the number of unconventional trust clauses in Wills that specify when and how inheritance is to be paid to beneficiaries. This has demonstrated a rise in demand for greater control over estates and assets after the testator has passed away.

The rise in these kinds of clauses could have many origins. The value of property is increasing, meaning people might be taking more care when passing on their wealth. It could also be caused by a rise in more complicated family arrangements and relationships stemming from second and third marriages.

It’s possible that the rise in these unconventional clauses is due to DIY will writing websites, where individuals can craft their own will and include whatever demands they wish. However, this is not just limited to DIY wills; some will writers say they are being asked to include unconventional clauses in their client’s wills as well.

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