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Planning your wedding? Here’s something else you need to check off your list.

Things seem to be slowly getting back to some form of normality and at long last, you are finally able to go ahead with their dream wedding you’ve waited so patiently for.

But there is something which may affect your future happiness if you neglect to take care of it now.

When you marry or enter a civil partnership, any Will you have in place is automatically revoked (cancelled) unless it was made in contemplation of the marriage taking place.

If you do not establish a new Will then, when you die, the rules of intestacy will apply to how your assets will be divided. The actual distribution of assets depends on the makeup of your family and the whole of your estate will not automatically pass directly to your new spouse, probably not what you would want to happen!

Making a Will immediately after the big day is not really something that you want to be thinking about, so why not put one in place ahead of the wedding (in contemplation of marriage) and enjoy your new life safe in the knowledge your loved ones have been provided for.

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