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It’s good to feel protected

It’s good to feel protected and in these unprecedented times, we are all doing everything we can to protect those we love. But no matter how well we follow the guidelines, the threat of what could happen is ever present.

So, what else should we be doing?

During these unparalleled times where everybody is potentially at risk, people’s thoughts naturally turn to what could happen and the need to ensure their affairs are in order. As a result, there has been a massive increase in people wanting to set up a Will, even from those individuals who have never considered making a Will before, and for those people who already have a Will in place, they now find themselves wanting to urgently review this to ensure it accurately reflects their current circumstances.

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that the government’s definition of Key Workers involves those who act in relation to the preparation of Wills and estate planning and frontline NHS staff actively being encouraged to make sure they have their own affairs in order, reinforces this.

It is vital that we continue to provide such services during this period of lockdown whilst ensuring that we can still deliver the same level of client care as we have previously, by embracing technology that allows us to take instructions for Wills without meeting clients face to face.

To ensure those you love are sheltered from the storm call us today.

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