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Is Your Will Up To Date?

New research has shown that almost half of all Wills in the UK are likely to be out of date, and almost half of all Brits (who have a Will) haven't updated their Will for more than 5 years.

The research also suggests that the majority of respondents didn't realise that without a valid Will, their assets might not go to the right person/people. In fact, only 34% of respondents knew that their spouse or partner wouldn't automatically inherit their full estate without a valid Will in place.

It is recommended that your Will is reviewed every 5 years, or when a major life event occurs that impacts you and your loved ones, such as divorce, marriage, or a death in the family. Without this, unchecked or outdated Wills could have severe implications for loved ones, including missed inheritances and higher inheritance tax fees.

Having an up to date Will is crucial in ensuring that your wishes are carried out in the way you want. We can help you draft a Will that can protect your assets and ensure that they will be passed on to your intended beneficiaries. Contact us today for more information.

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