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Is your Will protected from the risk of a challenge?

In these days of blended families and different types of relationships, there has been a marked increase in disputes surrounding who gets what from a Will. With society being much more litigious, 1 in 4 people are now willing to contest a loved one’s Will.

With contentious probate on the rise, there is now even more reason to ensure that not only do you have a valid Will in place but that it is up to date, will carry out your wishes and that your estate is protected against any possible future claim.

Many legal firms fall short when it comes to ensuring all information is accurately recorded and securely stored and with the current climate changing the way Will instructions are being taken, it is even more important to ensure that your Will is robust enough to protect your wishes.

To counteract the recent changes, we have implemented additional safety measures when taking instructions from clients to reduce the risk of a successful challenge by providing you with a clear voice, after you are gone.

To review your Will free of charge or to put one in place, message me and achieve complete peace of mind that those you want to benefit from your estate will actually do so.

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