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Is Your Will Divorce Proof?

If you have a Will, you have probably considered who your beneficiaries will be and where you want your money to go. You assume that your children will inherit everything, and then after that, it will be passed down to your grandchildren. But with around half of all marriages in the UK ending in divorce, this may not be the case. In the event of a divorce, your child / chosen beneficiary will have to split half of their inheritance with their ex-partner. The money you intended for your children and grandchildren will go to someone else instead, which is clearly not what you had in mind! You can’t spare your child from the pain of a divorce, but you can stop them from losing half of their inheritance to their ex-partner. Setting up a simple Trust alongside your Will means that your children’s inheritance will be protected, and you can have peace of mind that your money is going to the right place, even after you are gone. Contact us today for more information or help with setting up a Trust. Tel: +44 7831 379562 (UK) or +34 622 374 738 (Spain), or email

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