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Guardians – Secure your child’s future!

If you have children, chances are you want them to have as secure a future as possible. One way of doing this would be to appoint a Guardian, who can take on the role of parent to your child should you die.

Appointing a Guardian is an extremely important consideration. If you do not appoint a Guardian (or you don’t have a Will), your children could be placed in care until the Court appoints a Guardian for them, a process that could take months to achieve and could cause unnecessary emotional distress. Having an informal agreement with a potential guardian is not enough in this situation – this decision needs to be set in stone.

You should carefully consider who could be a guardian to your children, as the Law has certain requirements about who can be a guardian. The role of guardian should not be entered into lightly, and there are financial, social and emotional implications for the appointed guardian.

When it comes to appointing a guardian, don’t leave it to chance! Contact us today and secure your child’s future!

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