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Don’t lose your home to Care Costs!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Many of us hope to pass on something to our children, but if you don’t plan ahead this could end up being just a pipe dream!

Going into long-term care is a possibility for most of us, and in some cases it can see you losing the home you have worked so hard for, especially if you and your partner own your property jointly. Owning a property jointly means that, upon your death, the house will pass to your partner absolutely. If your partner later goes into care, the council can force them to sell the home to pay for the care fees, leaving your children and future generations without the legacy you had intended for them.

However, if you take the proper precautions now, there is a way to secure your children’s and future generation’s legacy. Setting up a Trust and changing the ownership of your property to Tenants in Common will protect your home from the Local Authority and benefit your children and future generations.

If you want to protect your home and your legacy for your children, we can provide expert help and advice. We can help you and your partner become tenants in common and set up a Trust, so that your home will be secured against the Local Authority. Contact us now for more information on: Tel: +44 7831 379562 (UK) or +34 622 374 738 (Spain), or email

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