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Don’t leave your surviving spouse or partner vulnerable.

Don’t leave your surviving spouse or partner vulnerable.

How can a Trust protect them?

You want to ensure that your surviving spouse or partner, as well as your other beneficiaries, are looked after for the rest of their life, once you’re not around to do it.

But unless your assets are protected upon your death, your spouse could be stung with the following costs:

  • Inheritance tax

  • Care home fees

  • Debts

With your bequeathed assets and money quickly drained, your partner could be left financially struggling – especially if you aren’t married. 

Your home and other property could also pass sideways away from the remaining beneficiaries. As well as care home fees and creditors trying to get their money back, your home could also be taken by:

  • Re-marriage (the new partner/spouse could end up with your house)

  • Your surviving spouse having more children, diluting the share that should go to your children

A Trust is a critical way of ensuring the above doesn’t happen. It’s recommended because:

  • You choose the ultimate destination of your funds and who has priority

  • You can better balance your family’s interests and protect surviving spouse or partner

  • Any income generated by your investments can be paid to your survivors

  • Surviving spouse or partner  also has the security of being able to remain in the family home for their lifetime.

  • The remaining beneficiaries are protected  from the influences of any future spouses were the survivor  to re-marry

  • Your assets can be ‘ring fenced’ to prevent them from being taken into account were your survivor to require either residential or nursing care in the future.  

If you’d like to find out more about how you can set-up a Trust and give these advantages to your survivors,  call me on +44 7831 379562 (UK) or +34 622 374 738 (Spain), or email me at to arrange a confidential chat.

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