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Don’t gamble with your children’s future!!

Parental Guardianship is vital in guaranteeing the safety and security of a child’s future, should the very worst happen. It is simply not enough to come to an informal arrangement between parties as should the unthinkable happen, you may well be GAMBLING on WHO will be appointed to look after your children!

A lot of thought needs to be given to your choice of Guardians and there are many complex and emotionally charged questions that need to be considered depending on your personal circumstances such as: What happens if only one parent has Parental Responsibility. Or one parent comes from a different country, where will the children now be raised? Will those you would want to be legal guardians be willing to accept the role, or be able to take it on? How will they cope financially? You may want them to go to a married couple, but what happens if they later separate?

In some situations, it may even be necessary to draft detailed  conditions for the appointment of a Guardian. When it comes to appointing parental Guardians, nothing should be assumed, and certainly nothing left to chance.

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