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Don’t be the odd one out!

Legal and General have recently published research showing a change in the attitude towards will writing in the UK. The report shows that the unprecedented times of the COVID 19 pandemic have encouraged more people to write their will, with the search term ‘will writing’ gaining 11,000 searches a month in March 2020.

This research has shown that more people are thinking about and looking for ways to secure their future, with the majority saying they do plan to write a will in the future. 35% of respondents without a will said that they would be more likely to write a will if they came into money or fell ill, and 31% cited advancing age as a motivator to write a will in the future. However, despite growing awareness of intestacy and the pitfalls of not having a will in place, 17% of people without a will admitted that nothing would make them more likely to write one.

The pandemic has also had different effects on will writing for each generation. Over half of survey respondents (52%) aged between 16-24 said that their perspective on Will writing had changed during the pandemic, and that they had updated their will because of it, while for over 55’s, this was only 14%.

Don’t be the odd one out! Without a Will, your children/chosen beneficiaries may not receive what you had intended for them. If these uncertain times have made you think about writing a Will, but you don’t know where to start, we can help! We will take you through the process of putting a Will together from start to finish, ensuring that you can secure your loved one’s future!

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