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Diego Maradona’s legacy thrown a curve ball.

Late last year the Argentine football icon, Diego Maradona, sadly passed away following a heart attack. His sudden death caused speculation about his wealth and complicated financial legacy, as it’s been suspected that he passed away without making a Will (Intestate).

As Maradona seemingly dies intestate and was not married at the time of death, his children should receive equal shares of the entire estate. Unfortunately, in addition to the eight children Maradona is known to have it appears that two more individuals are claiming that Maradona is their father and taking legal action to receive their rightful share of the inheritance causing long delays in its distribution.

It’s not only the famous or wealthy who can be affected by not making a Will. In the UK there is a common belief that if someone dies without having made a Will then everything automatically passes to the surviving spouse or civil partner, but this couldn’t be more wrong and can sometimes mean real hardship for the surviving family.

These days with the fact that family dynamics are much more complicated with multiple marriages, blended families and adoptions in and out of families, has meant a massive increase in the number of inheritance claims being made resulting in more costs, long delays for beneficiaries and often the breakdown of family relationships.

Having a professional and legally valid Will in place will ensure that those who you want to inherit actually do so!

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