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Coronavirus - Working from home

I wanted to write to you all to let you know that, given the crisis over Coronavirus at the moment, I will be working from home for the foreseeable future. This means I am not stopping or exiting, just adapting to the new environment!

My business is built on providing solutions and strategies for clients (including their final one!) and I want to continue to provide a high quality of service to you in these vulnerable times. 

I would like to continue to support you and offer any help I can  during this very difficult time. I realise that many of you will be in quarantine and staying at home as a result of Covid 19. I can continue my support and advice by way of Skype, Facetime or telephone for those of you who want a chat. 

I believe these sorts of situations can lead us to take stock on our lives and our futures. Organising your legacy and powers of attorney is high on the agenda. Planning for your business and employees as well as customers and suppliers needs inventive solutions. Planning and developing new strategies for your future and maybe adapting to new ways of working all take time and thought. If you have questions and need a chat to give you peace of mind, please message me or phone and we can organise a conversation. 

Many aspects of our lives will be impacted in the next few weeks and I am determined to do my bit to infuse optimism and move forward. If there is any way I can help and add value to your personal, as well as your business lives, please get in touch. We are fortunate that we have amazing technology to help us continue to work and video link and conference around the world if needed.

Whatever you need, I am here to help and support, so please get in touch. Quarantine and shut downs needn't be isolating! 



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