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BECOME A GREAT LEADER, Not Just a Boss (Part 1)

Updated: May 23, 2019

Skills Tips, Part 1 As part of my signature programme I coach many clients and I am frequently asked to advise on ways of improving their leadership skills.  I thought I would share my best tips in a series of posts. These aren't in any order of priority, just as they came into my mind. Here are four quick tips: 1. Be adaptable to change There will be instances when you will need to make changes and be flexible in response to circumstances.  If you adapt to change quickly and easily you will not waste energy being affected by negative emotions such as frustration.  2. Look at problems from a fresh perspective Change desks or chairs or do something different to give you a different view on a problem.  If the accounts department has a problem, ask to sit in their chair so you can see the issue from that perspective.  While you work to appreciate their perspective, ask them to sit at your desk and see the problem the way it seems to you. 3. Don’t complain Complaining is such a drain of energy.  It is very negative and it doesn't solve any problems.  Look forward and up the road to see the best possible way forward and focus all your energy on travelling in that direction. You will find that if you don’t complain, others won’t. 4. Be willing to help others Be keen to help others in your team or your business.  Take time to ask everyone - from the coffee maker and cleaners to the executives - “How may I help you?”  Your example will cascade throughout your company and a very positive, helpful ethos will develop.  It will also be fun! These skills can be learned and developed. You might already use these skills in your working life, but you might feel you can improve on them too. I can provide training, coaching or refreshers in how to improve your use of these skills, for your benefit and that of those around you. Contact me to find out more.

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