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"Looking after you, and the generations to follow"

Everyone is different and all have their own unique life story to tell and legacy to leave the world.  A will just instructs what is to happen to your life's collection of assets.  I believe I can create a solution for you which captures the essence of your outstanding story.  I ensure these memories are captured and recorded for you and the generations to follow, in designing your final exit strategy in the most tax efficient way

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Updating Your Will .. change in circumstances


It is highly unlikely that you will only write your Will once in your life. Your own personal or financial circumstances may change, or there could be a change in the life of anybody named in your Will. If you get, divorced, or have children, then you need to update your Will. Marriage revokes any previous will unless it was made in contemplation of marriage. If one of your beneficiaries has a change of fortune, or your Executor has a health issue, you still need to update your Will. 


You should update your Will after any major change in your life. 


  • Are you separated or divorced?

  • Have you got  married?

  • Had a child?

  • Acquired new assets?

  • Moved house?

  • Brexit

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