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My Farewell Note

  • When someone dies, have you ever wondered if they had thoughts and messages, which they never got round to sending or saying, to their loved ones?


  • What would they have said, if they had lived for one more hour?


  • Do your loved ones know how you feel about them?


  • What would you like to say to those you leave behind?


Losing someone close to you can be a very traumatic and upsetting experience.


Whilst we may not want to think about it, the unpredictable nature of life means that we don’t always have the opportunity to express our true feelings, resolve disputes, or end things in a way we would like.


With myfarewellnote you can offer the gift of comfort and support to those you leave behind, helping them to come to terms with what has happened.


myfarewellnote is a discreet and secure digital service, which allows you to leave personalised messages for your loved ones.


Whilst the recipients will be aware that a note has been created for them, the messages are only accessible to them after you have passed away.


There is a choice of leaving a short text message for free, or, for a small fee, for each recipient, create a timeline, of texts and photos, that you can add to, over the course of your life.


You can set up as many recipients as you want to, and all you need to do is ensure that their details are kept up to date.


There is an annual fee of £2, which is for retaining your account and all of your notes (regardless of how many notes you create).


Live with the comfort of knowing that even though you are no longer with them, your friends and family will have the gift of comfort and memories, when they need it most.


Some things are just too important to be left unsaid..


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