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Case Studies

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Mrs M

Mrs M's only daughter (J) lives in Italy and she wanted to ensure that if she lost capacity, or had health needs, J would be able to make health and financial decisions for her. I drew up Health and Finance Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) for her which now gives her that reassurance. 

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Ms H-B

Ms H-B has two stepchildren and one birth child, and she owns property in Spain. She wanted to ensure that all of her children inherit her worldwide assets on her death. A Spanish will would have precluded this so I drew up a UK will with a foreign property clause, which deals with her needs exactly. 

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Mr and Mrs P

Mr and Mrs P wanted all their home and business assets divided equally between their three children on death, but also wanted the surviving spouse to enjoy use of those assets for the rest of their life. I organised splitting and equalising their estates so that each spouse’s half of assets passed into trust on death, with an interest in possession trust for the surviving spouse. This is a very tax efficient way of dealing with an estate, as well as providing security for a surviving spouse.

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Mr and Mrs B

Mr and Mrs B both had children from previous marriages and no children together. They wanted to ensure their individual assets, accrued prior to their marriage, went to their own children, whilst new joint assets would be split equally between all the children. Writing a flexible family trust into their will planning has ensured that their wishes can be achieved.

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Mr and Mrs A

Mr and Mrs A wanted to ensure that their estate and gifts of money always went to their children alone and could not go sideways if either child divorced or fell into debt. I have set up lifetime and will trusts for each of their children. The trusts can fund education and maintenance for them and are effectively loans. This means that funds are protected from loss due to divorce or creditors should any of their children suffer either of these. As the funds have only been loaned to them, they do not count as part of their assets.

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