About Sally

In my professional life, I spent my early years working for the TSB Bank, and then as a Contracts Manager in the North Sea Oil Industry.  I then became a Finance Director for a Steel Fabrication company.  I have since spent many years as a financial planning consultant, both in personal holistic financial planning and the corporate environment.

I am an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in many aspects of finance and protecting assets.  I am skilled in designing extraordinary Legacies, Will Writing, Trusts, Business Exit Strategies, and Inheritance Tax Mitigation. 

So, whether you need a simple Will, advice on protecting your home from care, or have more complex issues, I can help you achieve peace of mind, and protection of your life´s work for you and the generations to follow.

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Why do I need a Will?

Married? Without a Will your spouse or civil partner may not automatically inherit all of your estate.


Living with a partner? Without a Will the law treats you both as single and your partner would receive nothing.


Children from a previous relationship?  If you are now married, children from a previous relationship may inherit nothing.


Property owner?  You should specify who you wish to inherit or live in your property after you have passed away and consider protecting your share against possible care costs.


A grandparent? You may want to add your new grandchild to your Will so they inherit something directly from you.


Don't want the state to decide who inherits from me?  Making a Will is the only way to put you in control. It allows you to name your beneficiaries and specify what you want them to inherit.


Updating Your Will .. change in circumstances


It is highly unlikely that you will only write your Will once in your life. Your own personal or financial circumstances may change, or there could be a change in the life of anybody named in your Will. If you get, divorced, or have children, then you need to update your Will. Marriage revokes any previous will unless it was made in contemplation of marriage. If one of your beneficiaries has a change of fortune, or your Executor has a health issue, you still need to update your Will. 


You should update your Will after any major change in your life. 


  • Are you separated or divorced?

  • Have you got  married?

  • Had a child?

  • Acquired new assets?

  • Moved house?

  • Brexit


There is no better time than now to write your Will.

Most people do not have a Will and the number of Expats with an up-to-date Will is even lower.


You may feel that the distribution of your assets is obvious, or that your assets are not significant enough to worry about. 

Without a Will, you die intestate and the court  will appoint an  administrator on your behalf. Decisions will be taken out of your family and loved ones hands and distribution made according to the court. 

The process is  long  and extremely costly and an addition emotional stress for your family and loved ones.  This can be avoided by making a Will.

When making wills in separate countries, it's extremely important to advise each of your lawyers that you either intend to make, or have already made, a will in another country. 


This is to ensure that your wills don't contradict each other or inadvertently revoke the other.