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I'm here to design a legacy which will protect your wealth for future generations and give you peace of mind, so that you can live your best life.

I work with a very powerful legal team who are all STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), and am secure in the knowledge that my technical and legal backup is one of the best.

That means I get to do what I am best at with my clients, which is the planning and designing solutions for final exit strategies! 


Why Do I Need a Will?

Married? Without a Will your spouse or civil partner may not automatically inherit all of your estate.


Living with a partner? Without a Will the law treats you both as single and your partner would receive nothing.


Children from a previous relationship?  If you are now married, children from a previous relationship may inherit nothing.


Pets?  Who is going to look after them when you are gone?  How can you make sure their needs are met?


Property owner?  You should specify who you wish to inherit or live in your property after you have passed away and consider protecting your share against possible care costs.


A grandparent?  You may want to add your new grandchild to your Will so they inherit something directly from you.


Don't want the state to decide who inherits from you?  Making a Will is the only way to put you in charge. It allows you to name your beneficiaries and specify what you want them to inherit.

Everyone is Different

We all have our own unique life story to tell and legacy to leave the world. 


A will just instructs what is to happen to your life's collection of assets. 


I can create a solution for you which captures the essence of your outstanding story. 


For those legacies with trusts, I ensure the solutions  are captured and recorded for you and the generations to follow, in the most tax efficient way.

What We Do

Virtual Sessions

No matter where in the world you are we can meet online to arrange putting together your legacy planning. 

Business Planning

As a business owner what steps have you taken to protect your business and family in the event of the death or loss of capacity of an owner?

Without the full and proper protection in place, you are leaving your business, your business partner and your families exposed.

Personal Estate Planning

Helping you to determine your estate plan, putting in place the correct paperwork to support your wishes, from Power of Attorney documents, Last Will and Testaments and Trusts

Preferential Client Support 

An annual service which provides you with: 

A personal review of your: 

  • Assets

    • Personal ​

    • Business

    • Agricultural

  • Inheritance Tax​

    • Plans​

    • Will(s)

    • Legacies

    • Estate

  • Powers of Attorney​

  • Financial security/ protection

    • threats to your assets​​

and more...​

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Partners with whom I work and can whole heartedly recommend:

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