Looking after you, and the generations to follow


I'm here to design a legacy which will protect your wealth for future generations and give you peace of mind, so that you can live your best life.

I work with a very powerful legal team at Countrywide Taxation and Trusts Ltd, and am secure in the knowledge that my technical and legal backup is one of the best.

That means I get to do what I am best at with my clients, which is the planning and designing solutions for final exit strategies! 




Planning to Protect your Wealth for Future Generations


Virtual Wills, Trusts &
Powers of Attorney Service

A new and unique service to create personalised Wills and Powers of Attorney documents.

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Assets in the UK, but now live overseas? 

If you have assets in more than one country, or you are living in a different country to your assets, then you need an Expat Will.

Sally Herdman, Inheritance Guru, Prefere
Preferential Support

Premium Online

A personal annual review of your: Assets, inheritance Tax, Powers of Attorney, Financial Security/Protection


I’m excited to offer you a brand new and unique online service to create personalised Wills and Powers of Attorney documents.

Would you like to find out more as to how I can help you?  Click on the link for a free 15 minute consultation

Everyone is Different

Everyone is different and all have their own unique life story to tell and legacy to leave the world.  A will just instructs what is to happen to your life's collection of assets.  I believe I can create a solution for you which captures the essence of your outstanding story.  I ensure these memories are captured and recorded for you and the generations to follow, by giving you a gift of a ghostwriter to write the first chapter of your journal.



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